Japan NPO Center

Japan NPO Center (JNPOC) was established in November 1996 for the purpose of strengthening the infrastructure of nonprofit organizations (NPOs) in Japan, and was officially incorporated in June 1998. JNPOC aims to support civic activities of Japanese civil society and the growth of its nonprofit sector. It also aims to establish effective partnerships between the nonprofit sector and the government as well as the private sector.

Our Activities

■Information and Communication Support:

JNPOC is engaged in collecting and disseminating informational materials in regards to NPOs as well as in supporting the ICT and public relations of NPOs.
  • NPO DATABASE: With the aim of promoting information access to and disclosure of NPOs, JNPOC runs and administers a searchable online NPO database (NPO-Hiroba / www.npo-hiroba.or.jp) that contains data for Specified Nonprofit Corporations (approx. 50,000 incorporated NPOs) in Japan.
  • SOFTWARE DONATION: Partnering with the US-based non-profit TechSoup Global, JNPOC runs a software donation program called TechSoup Japan, which aims to provide software products to NPOs for a small fee. Since its launch in June 2009, and as of March 2014, 10,721 donations have been mediated, which amounts to a total market value of about ¥2,132,012,900 (apprx. $ 21,320,129).
  • ASSISTANCE FOR ICT SUPPORT STAFF: JNPOC has hosted IT support programs such as Microsoft NPO Day with Microsoft since 2006, which aim to assist the ICT support staff of local NPO support centers nationwide and to strengthen the ICT support system for local NPOs.
  • PR/COMMUNICATION SKILLS DEVELOPMENT: JNPOC also holds seminars to develop skills in public relations, communication, and public outreach with Dentsu, Japan largest advertising agency.

■Civil Sector Networking, Discussions & Capacity Building:

JNPOC is active in conducting forums, conferences, and training to encourage informational exchange, with particular emphasis on creating opportunities for inter-sector collaboration.
  • NPO UNDERSTANDING: JNPOC has operated the Annual National NPO Forum since 1997 in major cities for the purpose of providing networking opportunities for NPOS, as well as for studying and discussing the role and existence of NPOs. The biannual Civil Sector National Conference, which started in 2002, focuses more on current and future topics within the civil sector. These national forums and conferences attract more than 200 attendees, who are committed to NPO activities. In addition to these conferences, JNPOC also hosts informal meetings for NPO leaders to discuss mid- to long-term prospects and issues regarding NPOs in Japanese society.
  • INTER-SECTOR COLLABORATION: JNPOC promotes inter-sector collaboration initiatives by facilitating the Inter-Sector 泥ialogue・Forums and Meetings every year with business sector and local governmental representatives.
  • TRAINING: JNPOC also develops and holds a variety of training programs yearly for NPO support center staff (newly appointed and middle-management levels), as well as for newly-appointed local government staff who are put in charge of the NPO division.
  • Give2Asia GRANTS ADMINISTRATION: Since 2009, JNPOC has been serving as the local advisory role for the US-based non-profit Give2Asia, which encourages and facilitates charitable giving to Asia by providing personalized services to donors and recipients. JNPOC is responsible for grants administration and research services in Japan as per request of Give2Asia.
  • CSR360 GPN GLOBAL NETWORKING: In March 2015, JNPOC became a Core Partner of CSR360 Global Partner Network (CSR360 GPN), a global network of nonprofit organizations interested in corporate social responsibility and working with businesses to improve their positive impact on society. CSR360 GPN, convened by a UK-based charity Business in the Community, is active in the knowledge sharing and capacity building of the Partners as well as in building the movement of companies committed to CSR practice. See JNPOC’s listing here

■Research Studies:

JNPOC has conducted research studies in the field of Japanese NPOs.
  • Research and advocacy on the conditions and issues of NPO support centers
  • Research on the conditions and issues of Japanese Nonprofit Corporations through analysis of the NPO database
  • Research on the conditions of Japanese NPO/NGO activities from the viewpoint of human security issues
  • Research on the future development of caregiving NPOs with the introduction of care insurance policy

■Policy Recommendation:

By networking with various policy recommendation committees, JNPOC is actively and continuously involved in policy advocacy to ensure the proper development of the Japanese civil sector.
  • TACKLING URGENT SOCIAL ISSUES: In response to the Japanese government recent initiatives under the slogan of new Public Commons,JNPOC called out to localized NPO support centers to organize an NPO network with the aim of examining and discussing government measures. The network has been proposing alternative NPO approaches and ideas to the government.
  • TAX/LEGAL SYSTEMS REFORM: The Center works as an organizer of the NPO/NGO Tax and Legal Support Systems Reformation liaison group, which examines and recommends legal and tax reforms of the NPO Law to the government.
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ADVANCEMENT: JNPOC serves as the executive office for the NPO/NGO Network for Advancing Social Responsibility, in which 36 NPO/NGO members meet monthly to discuss the issues of SR, put together the collective voice of NPO/NGOs, and dispatch representative members to a domestic SR conference as well as an ISO26000 international conference.

■Disaster Relief for East Japan:

Since 2011, JNPOC has been working to promote citizen-led support for Disaster Relief for East Japan and has established multiple disaster relief funds in partnership with:
  • Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited,
  • Daiwa Securities Corporation,
  • Nissan Motor Company,
  • Japan Tobacco International,
  • Johnson & Johnson, and
  • World Vision Japan.
As one of these collaborative endeavors, the NPO Capacity Development project, created in partnership with World Vision Japan, ran from May 2012 to June 2014 and produced a textbook "15 Management Capabilities for NPO Leaders” (Japanese only) as well as two project evaluation reports. The evaluation reports are available and downloadable in English and Japanese:
  • Project Evaluation report (English excerpts here, Japanese here)
  • Rebuilding Community after the Great East Japan Earthquake: A Collection of Cases from the NPO Capacity Development Project (English here, Japanese here)


Individuals 235; Corporations 54; NPO/NGO 348 ; Local Governments 9; Associate Members 174 (August 2014)


JNPOC has an open network with local NPO support centers across Japan and with 50+ major corporations through their corporate membership as well as Japan Business Federation (Nippon Keidanren). JNPOC also has collaborative relationships with US-based non-profits such as TechSoup Global and Give2Asia.

Board of Directors and Staff Members

Board of Directors and Staff Members

Annual Report

The latest annual report (English digest version, FY2013) is available here.