What We Do

Japan NPO Center (JNPOC) offers a variety of programs that aims to strengthen the infrastructure of the nonprofit sector in Japan and to promote multi-sector partnerships. It organizes forums for discussing sector-wide and inter-sector issues affecting civil society and provides a variety of capacity development programs for NPOs (nonprofit organizations) and NPO intermediaries, as well as programs to help the government and the private sector work effectively with civil society. JNPOC also conducts policy-oriented research and engages in public policy on issues related to the nonprofit sector and NPO intermediaries. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, JNPOC has been actively involved in Tohoku disaster relief and recovery efforts by way of working with corporations and NGOs to initiate grant programs with capacity-building opportunities for local nonprofits.

Nonprofits Infrastructure

Our programs and services aiming at strengthening the organizational infrastructure of Japanese nonprofits

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Multi-Sector Partnerships

Our programs and services partnering and networking with nonprofit, business and government sector partners

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Tohoku Disaster Relief

Multiple disaster relief funds and programs for the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami with various partners

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Policy & Research

JNPOC’s research studies and public policy work to grasp and improve the conditions of Japanese nonprofits

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