Policy & Research

JNPOC periodically conducts research mainly by survey in order to grasp the conditions of Japanese nonprofits. The recent research studies include:

With the financial support of World Vision Japan, JNPOC organized “NPO Capacity Development Project”, which had been implemented from May 2012 to July 2013, following a preparation period. The following report aims to measure the success (evaluate the effectiveness) of the project goals, i.e., nonprofit organizational capacity building in three disaster-affected prefectures and the devel-opment of nonprofit leadership:

In addition JNPOC addresses the legal/tax-benefit conditions of nonprofits through advocacy efforts on a needs-basis. For example, JNPOC and other local NPO support centers filed a petition calling for non-profit corporate tax system and regulation revision to the Japanese government, to which JNPOC was responsible for the overall coordination of summarizing the voices of nonprofits, which was made possible for having a network of local NPO support centers throughout Japan. JNPOC and local NPO support centers sent questionnaires to nonprofit organizations with tax-exempt status, to which the result was compiled as the “Emergency Questionnaires Regarding Deemed Donations System to Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporations” (PDF: Japanese).