Size and Scope of NPOs

Numbers of Different Nonprofits in Japan

Status of Legal Entities Number of existing entities AS of
Specified Nonprofit Corporation 50,273 July 2015
*Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation
(among Specified Nonprofit Corporation)
870 July 2015
Public Interest Corporation 9,253 July 2014
General Corporation 31,900 April 2014
Social Welfare Corporation 19,498 March 2012
Private School Corporation 5,543 May 2012
The Relief and Rehabilitation Corporation 165 October 2012
Religious Corporation 182,601 December 2008
Medical Corporation 47,825 March 2012

Original Source: Data Book 2014 Charitable and Non-profit Organizations in Japan, The Japan Association of Charitable Organizations (modified by JNPOC)

Top 20 Charity Categories of Specified Nonprofit Corporation

Budget Size of Specified Nonprofit Corporations

Total revenue from nonprofit activities

Source: Heisei 25-nen Tokutei hieiri katsudo hojin ni kansuru Jittai chosa hokokusho, The Cabinet Office

Revenue breakdown of Specified Nonprofit Corporations

Source: Heisei 23-nendo Tokutei hieiri katsudo hojin no jittai oyobi nintei tokutei hieiri katsudo hojin no riyojokyo ni kansuru chosa, The Cabinet Office

Internal Structure of Average Japanese Nonprofit Organization

Number of staff members

Over a half of Specified Nonprofit Corporations only have 0 to 5 paid staff members. Median staff members are five persons, and among them three are paid and one is full-time paid staff. This suggests that in Japan many staff work for small-sized nonprofit organizations without salary.

Number of paid staff members

Average salary of staff members

Overall, the median of annual staff salary is 1.37 million yen (about US$11,417; $1=120 yen) overall and 2.22 million yen for full-time staff, whereas average annual salary for private companies in Japan is 4.14 million yen.

Sources: Heisei 25-nen Tokutei hieiri katsudo hojin ni kansuru Jittai chosa hokokusho, The Cabinet Office.
Heisei 25-nendo-bun minkan kyuyo jittai tokei chosa, National Tax Administration Agency.

Number of volunteers

In 2012 an average Specified Nonprofit Corporation had about ten volunteers annually that engaged in their activities. On the other hand, about 32% of organizations did not have any volunteers in their activities.