Followings are the questions we often receive from people, so compiled FAQs for your quick reference.


Every prefecture/city has a nonprofit management support center and/or volunteer center, which are familiar with nonprofit organizations in the region and can provide information. For better communication, you might want to go with a person who speaks Japanese. The Tokyo Voluntary Action Center has an English resource on how to find volunteer opportunities in Tokyo.

Each prefecture and major city has an NPO section/office which authorizes Specified Nonprofit Corporations. These sections/offices provide a guidebook that gives information about what paperwork and processes are needed. The list of NPO sections/offices can be found here (in Japanese). The guidebook is written in Japanese, so you might need to bring a Japanese-speaking person if you don’t speak Japanese. Unfortunately JNPOC is not able to answer any specific questions.

About JNPOC related questions:

Yes, we could help. Since the case depends on your needs, so please inquire from the form with detailed information. We’ll get back to you.

JNPOC doesn’t have a regular internship program. However, if you’re bilingual and comfortable with your Japanese, you have a good chance to take part as a volunteer.