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Background of JNPOC

Spontaneous and active volunteerism in response to the widespread and severe damage caused by the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995 made the Japanese society realize the importance of the nonprofit sector, and it began calling for the emergence of a dynamic civil society in the nation.

JNPOC was established in 1996, as a national-level infrastructure provider for nonprofit organizations (NPOs), to help the nascent civil society grow and thrive to meet the expectation of its stakeholders through multi-sector partnerships.

Since our inception more than 25 years ago, JNPOC has engaged in numerous projects and programs to fulfill our mission and thus we enjoy unparalleled expertise and network in the civil society in Japan.

One of our noteworthy experiences is collaboration with the business sector. We have been working closely with scores of business enterprises, both Japanese and international, that are conscious of their social responsibilities. We have connected them to the nation’s energetic NPOs, to tackle social issues in Japan and to help the nonprofits enhance their managerial and organizational capabilities.  

What JNPOC can do

At JNPOC, we can utilize our unique portfolio of activities, expertise in the Japanese civil society, and network encompassing not only the nonprofit sector in Japan but also other participants of its civil society including academia, to help your company develop and operate a social responsibility program which would meet your objectives. Our services for you will be bespoke.

  • Research and Analysis

To develop a program that effectively addresses social issues, grasping them precisely is essential. We can conduct landscape research that helps you see both detailed and bird’s-eye view pictures of the issues, including their backgrounds, hypotheses of causes, and possible mitigative measures.

We are also active in disseminating opinions on social and environmental issues, and in proposing legal and taxation policies regarding NPOs. Our insights acquired through these activities would assist you better in understanding the subject matter.

  • Consultation

Based on the analysis, we can help you design a scheme which would meet your objectives precisely. Our in-depth expertise in Japanese civil society and knowledge of NPOs nationwide would be also available for you. We can advise you on how best your collaboration with NPOs would serve those in need whilst achieving your goals.

  • Program Management

Over the years, we have managed numerous programs, in many of which we worked with business sectors. Our expertise and knowledge of local NPOs’ needs and reality will be available for your program to maximize its effectiveness and utility.

We can help you design an effective process and set optimal criteria to select the right NPOs for your program. We can also mobilize our network in the civil society in Japan.

Once the program starts, we would monitor the participating NPOs and help them meet the objectives of the program best.

We help them upskill and provide advice they may need. We also encourage them to organizationally grow and mature themselves so that they would be able to meet future challenges themselves to better serve their beneficiaries and community.

Upon request, we can also assist you with the following:

  • Help establish project evaluations of grantee organizations to set clear outputs/outcomes.
  • Analyze the progress and achievements of the program and report to you using pre-agreed methodologies to let you grasp and reflect on its effectiveness in terms of meeting your objectives and coming up with necessary modifications.
  • Provide hands-on support to the grantee organizations for the success of the project.
  • Organize and hold debriefing sessions with grantee organizations to increase visibility of program achievements, raise program recognition within your company, and to provide learning opportunity for your employees.
  • Assist grantee organizations in preparing project reports that will provide a good overview of project results.
  • Provide support for the grantee organization’s capacity-building.


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