Mission, Vision, Values


As a national infrastructure organization for the nonprofit sector, the Japan NPO Center:

  • Works to strengthen the social, political and economic support base for voluntary nonprofit organizations in Japan; and
  • Builds new and innovative forms of partnership with the government and the private sector, encouraging them to act as co-creators of robust civil society


Mid-term Vision (from Japan NPO Center’s Five-Year Forecast 2013-2017)

To solve problems that are expected to arise in society over the next five years, and to create an ideal NPO that will be able to meet the needs of this time, we, the Japan NPO Center, have determined our role to be as follows:

1. Enhancing various means to develop human resources

In order to broaden the leadership and staff base of NPOs, we will recruit and involve new talent, while striving to cultivate people who have the “NPO spirit” (with awareness of citizens’ movements and social change) at the same time.

2. Strengthening collaborations with various local communities

We will actively gather information on local communities, organize this information, and disseminate it nationwide. By sharing information on each local initiative with the rest of the nation, we will contribute to the revitalization of local NPOs.

3. Strengthening collaboration with local NPO support centers

Through collaboration with local NPO support centers, we will implement programs that are needed in each local community. We will also strive to clarify the position of support centers.

4. Enhancing research studies and strengthening policy proposals

We will promote research studies based on empirical knowledge, and establish a system for translating the results into policy proposals and new programs. We will also explore collaboration with universities and research institutions.

5. Strengthening collaboration with overseas NPOs

As globalization proceeds, we will not limit ourselves to domestic problems, but will actively participate in efforts to tackle global problems, sending and receiving information to and from NPOs both within and outside Japan.

6. Strengthening dissemination of information through the media

We will actively engage in the utilization of existing media, while giving consideration to collaboratively developing our unique media.


Japan NPO Center upholds these core values in the operation of our organization and in the implementation of all our activities:

  1. Always be on the side of the excluded and oppressed, and express solidarity with them
  2. Respect the views of the directly affected
  3. Look into root causes and tackle larger structural issues of society
  4. Give the highest priority to the lived realities of those on the ground
  5. Respect diversity and minority opinions
  6. Be transparent and accountable
  7. Create a platform for open dialogue