The appointment of the new chairperson of the board took place SpecialNews

Posted on July 03, 2024

Japan NPO Center is pleased to announce the appointment of Makoto Oshima as the new Representative Director (Chairperson) and Mariko Kinai and Hiroshi Yamazaki (reappointed) as the new Vice Representative Directors, effective July 1, 2024.

The Japan NPO Center’s board of directors held a meeting on July 1 and elected the Representative Director, Vice Representative Director, and Executive Director, and adopted the following new administration:

  • Representative Director (Chairperson)
    Makoto Oshima, Director of Kubikino NPO Support Center

  • Vice Representative Directors (Vice Chairpersons)
    Mariko Kinai, National Director of World Vision Japan
    Hiroshi Yamazaki, Representative Director of Whole Earth Nature School

  • Executive Director
    Yoshifumi Tajiri, Japan NPO Center

Profile of Makoto Oshima, Representative Director of Japan NPO Center
Born in Niigata Prefecture in 1960, Makoto graduated from the Faculty of Education at Niigata University. After graduating from the university, he worked as a teacher at a public junior high school and as a cable TV operator before deciding to pursue a career in management. Makoto is currently the representative of the Oshima Group, which unites more than 20 companies in Joetsu, Niigata, including a regional newspaper, The Joetsu Times, a tutoring school, and a senior citizen home. He was also one of the first in Joetsu City to launch an NPO and has been actively involved in citizen-led community development.

For other new board members, please refer to this page.

Note: Current “Message from the Chairperson” will be updated with a new one once it is ready.