AWS InCommunities Grant Program 2024 Kickoff event held. SpecialNews

Posted on June 05, 2024

Amazon Web Service (AWS) has been implementing the AWS InCommunities Grant Program, a social contribution program in Japan, since 2023. The Japan NPO Center serves as the program’s administrative office, providing support to recipient organizations.

A kick-off social gathering for the recipient organizations in FY2024 was held on Friday, May 24, at the headquarters of Amazon Web Services Japan in Tokyo. The event provided an opportunity for participants to get to know each other and exchange thoughts and ideas, aimed at facilitating their co-creation of long-term impact on the five grant-funded projects that will be implemented in four regions across the country.


After opening remarks by Mr. Tim Rexrode, AWS Operations Region Manager, who talked about the expectations for the InCommunities program, each of the five organizations presented their projects to be implemented this fiscal year.


Following the presentations, participants were divided into groups to share their thoughts on each other’s projects and to exchange opinions on what they thought would be helpful for their activities. Despite their different areas of activity, they all shared the same passion for their activities, which led to a lively exchange of ideas.


Here are some comments from the groups:

“Our project participants found the activities to be a good stress reliever. Everyone enjoys being in contact with nature. Without human intervention, nature will deteriorate, so we want to continue these activities.”

”Some children struggle with digital technology, and teachers have unconscious biases against programming for girls. We are trying to lower the barriers to participation so as not to discourage children who are interested.”

AWS employee volunteer leaders (ambassadors) from each region, who participated on-site and online, asked questions about the activities of the grantee organizations.

Through this program, JNPOC hopes not only that each project will be implemented successfully, but also that AWS employees will participate as volunteers and grantee organizations will benefit from these human exchanges.



Amazon Web Service (AWS) implements AWS InCommunities, a social contribution program designed to create a better long-term impact in the regions where AWS builds and operates its global systems.

The AWS InCommunities grant program in Japan is a program for nonprofit organizations engaged in activities related to AWS’ four pillars of support: 1) STEAM education, 2) IT skills training for youth employment, 3) environmental activities, and 4) addressing hyperlocal needs.

The Japan NPO Center supports AWS by providing AWS InCommunities grants to nonprofit organizations for activities in the four pillars and helping to support the overall program.