JNPOC holds seminars for nonprofits specialized in supporting women in eastern and western Japan SpecialNews

Posted on October 26, 2023

JNPOC and Little Women Project (LWP) jointly organized seminars for nonprofits that provide personal support to women facing various difficulties in their lives. LWP is an organization specialized in assisting young women with diverse issues. The seminars were held both in Arashiyama, Saitama, near Tokyo, and Osaka from September 22 to 23 and October 20 to 21, 2023, respectively. In Saitama, National Women’s Education Center cooperated with us and the event was held at their facilities.


Opening Session at Saitama venue


The events were based on the results of our survey conducted in FY 2022. The survey’s aim was to understand the state of nonprofits specialized in responding to difficulties among women. We found out that many of the NPOs were struggling with issues related to human resources and diversifying their revenues. In order to help them tackle these problems, strengthening organizational foundations was chosen as the agenda for the seminars. Networking with each other was also encouraged.

In all, 82 people participated in the two-day seminars where a variety of subjects were discussed, including the newly introduced law to support women in need and utilization of digital technologies at NPOs, in addition to the matters we had identified through the survey. Participants’ reactions to the events were highly positive. Not only did many find the information practical and useful for their own organizations, they also overwhelmingly expressed that sharing each other’s experiences and ideas was quite stimulating and encouraging.


Little Women Project explaining its activities at Osaka venue


Based on our 2021-2025 Mid-term Vision, we at JNPOC have increased our efforts in cooperation with field-specific network organizations such as LWP. We will continue to expand such a subject-based approach alongside our traditional strength in business development with our regional partners.