JNPOC received an Equivalency Determination (ED) from NGOsource SpecialNews

Posted on July 20, 2023


Japan NPO Center has recently received an Equivalency Determination (ED) from NGOsource, a project that facilitates international donations from the United States. The move signifies that JNPOC is recognized as the equivalent of a U.S. public charity. JNPOC will also be listed in the database operated by NGOsource, which is utilized by many foundations and donor advised funds in the U.S.

With ED, the process to make donations to JNPOC is simplified for many donors in the U.S. We hope this would lead to greater support from the U.S. for members of civil society in Japan through JNPOC.

JNPOC was established in 1996 with the vision of “Creating a civil society with diversity and individual autonomy: a fair, transparent, and open civil society.” We will continue to promote the activities and values of Japanese civil society abroad as we do domestically, thereby increasing international support for its members.

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