Participants of Connected Disaster Prevention Program has exceeded 12,000 SpecialNews

Posted on February 01, 2024

Sompo Japan Insurance, a major general insurer in Japan, has launched the “Tsunagaru Bosai Project” (disaster prevention and mitigation project for people requiring special assistance), an initiative to build regional networks (connections) that will encourage mutual aid in the event of a disaster, in collaboration with JNPOC.

The program is carried out using the network of so-called Children’s Centers as stipulated in Child Welfare Act. There exists more than 4,000 such facilities nationwide. The participants, not only the children but their family members and the local residents, learn in a fun way how to help each other in the event of a natural disaster. The cumulative number of the participants in the event, which has been held 105 times since its inception in October 2022, has marked more than 12,000.


Korokoro Children’s Center, Machida City, Tokyo


Hikaru Chiyoki, a staff member of JNPOC in charge of the program, commented:

Aja Children’s Center, Naha City, Okinawa

“Faced with a major natural disaster, we all need to pay special attentions to those in need of distinct cares like children, the elderly, the disabled, those with medical conditions, and non-Japanese speaking people. The program aims to promote the sense of solidarity through learning alongside them how we become better prepared for such a catastrophe. As the recent devastating earthquake in Noto peninsula and surrounding area in Japan has demonstrated, the nation is quite prone to major natural disasters. Thus, it is vital to learn, not only for the children but also for the grownups, to get better prepared and be helpful for others facing such an event. I believe that there are a lot to learn for the adults from the program in terms of caring for those with particular circumstances.”


JNPOC will continue working with Sompo and children’s centers nationwide to promote awareness and better preparedness for natural disasters.