Research Products on Financial Inclusion News

Posted on June 20, 2016

Since 2015, Japan NPO Center (JNPOC) has been partnering with MetLife Foundation to conduct research on financial inclusion, primarily to disseminate the concept to Japanese policymakers, nonprofits and the public. The list of research products is now available on JNPOC’s Japanese website with a few English papers at:          



The site includes the following English materials:

  1. Infographics: A visual presentation of the state of financial inclusion/exclusion in Japan.
  2. Working Paper 1 – Financial Inclusion and Japanese Society (March 2016): A paper that describes growing needs of financial inclusion in Japanese society.
  3. Working Paper 2 – Innovations in Financial Inclusion: Preliminary Lessons from the US and the UK for Japanese Society (June 2016): A paper that makes reference to “financial security” and “financial health” as emerging concepts that encompass financial inclusion needs of all people.

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