Latest of the 20-year-old Tsutaeru Kotsu (Communication Tips) Series of Seminars Was Held SpecialNews

Posted on February 09, 2024

With the goal of helping nonprofit organizations in Japan to learn from professionals how to communicate with their stakeholders better, JNPOC and Dentsu, an international advertising and public relations company, started the Tsutaeru Kotsu seminars in 2004.

The latest seminar of this 20-year initiative was held on January 19 at Dentsu’s head office under the theme of “Creating a Statement for Better Communication” and was attended by 24 participants from nonprofit organizations across Japan.

After a lecture by Dentsu’s specialists, the participants tried creating a statement for their own organizations.

They offered the following comments for the event:

  • I learned that it is important to clarify the target of the message.
  • The materials are very good and we will use them a lot.


Masaki Murao, a staff member of JNPOC, remarked,

“In FY2023, we held three seminars including this one. While this latest seminar was not limited to the nonprofits of particular activity areas, the other two seminars had been geared toward organizations in the specific fields of activities: food banks and food-related activities, and homeless assistance and support groups for the needy, respectively.

It is becoming increasingly important for nonprofits to post their missions and activities clearly to their stakeholders. The purpose of this long-running seminar is to help them learn how to communicate in a highly effective and appealing manner from the experts. We hope to continue this seminar and provide opportunities for many nonprofit organizations in the future.”