JNPOC announced our view on “The Act on the Prevention of Malicious Donation Solicitations by Organizations” to be proposed to the Diet. News

Posted on November 11, 2022

Consumer Affairs Agency of the Japanese Government (CAA) is working on The Act on the Prevention of Malicious Donation Solicitations by Organizations, to be proposed to the National Diet.

The aim of the proposed law is purported to be the prevention of so-called “fortune telling fraud” and other malicious practices allegedly carried out by some religious organizations. However, we fear it could also discourage genuine donations to legitimate nonprofits.

We propose the following to CAA and the members of the legislature:

  1. Discussion on the law should encompass nurturing general public’s donations to nonprofits, thus it is essential that they reach out to the sector and appreciate its good practices.
  2. Malicious solicitations should be clearly distinguished from genuine and good faith appeals for donations.
  3. Discussion should also reflect the encouragement of transparent disclosures by the organizations rather than just concentrating on how donations should be solicited.

Original link in Japanese: https://www.jnpoc.ne.jp/?p=26801