JNPOC collaborates with Panasonic in strengthening organizational foundations of nonprofits News

Posted on June 27, 2023

Panasonic Holdings and JNPOC have been collaborating in strengthening nonprofits’ organizational capacity-building. As a part of our endeavors, we organized workshops both in Tokyo and Osaka, on May 25 and June 9, 2023, respectively. In Osaka, Osaka Voluntary Action Center was also one of the organizers. A total of 261 people participated in these events, both on-site and online.

For both occasions, the meeting, in which those from nonprofits took part either in person or online, began with lectures. Representatives from nonprofits that had introduced measures to reinforce their managerial capacities shared their experiences and achievements with the audience. In addition, JNPOC addressed how nonprofits can improve their organizational capacity. Representatives from Panasonic also introduced Panasonic NPO/NGO Support Fund for SDGs to the audience and urged them to apply.

Then those attending in person were split into some groups to discuss points they found relevant for improving their organizations based on the experiences in transformation from the lectures. The participants found the shared information quite useful to ponder what they could emulate for their organizations.

group work at the Tokyo workshop venue

JNPOC along with Panasonic Holdings will continue to help the nation’s nonprofits become better equipped with enhancing their organizational foundations.