New project, Tomo-civi NPO School, a learning community, launching in July! SpecialNews

Posted on June 17, 2024

The diversification of social issues and NPO activities in the wake of the COVID-19 disaster has not been matched by an increase in opportunities for nonprofit organizations (NPOs) to interact and learn from each other across regions and fields. Many NPOs struggle with a limited number of members. According to the Cabinet Office’s Survey on Nonprofit Organizations (2023), 65.6% of NPOs cited “human resource acquisition and training” as a major issue.

JNPOC believes that civil society is a space where each individual can freely participate, connect, and cooperate with each other toward a better future. Venues and connections that transcend the boundaries between fields and activities are crucial to fostering a better civil society in Japan, as well as to address common underlying structural social issues.


The Tomo-civi* NPO School project is a new open learning community, initiated by JNPOC, involving a series of lectures and seminars, as well as places for ongoing exchange and co-learning. The school is open to individuals and organizations engaged in NPO and civic activities from all over Japan, and representatives from relevant government and business sectors.

* The word tomo-civi means torch in Japanese; it is also a pun on the Japanese word that this will be a place where people can work together (“tomo” ni) to create a civil (“civi”) society.