6. Adherence to Our Core Values Other Topics

Posted on August 01, 2018

III: Our Initiatives

6. Adherence to Our Core Values

Based on the 2011 Report, in the five-year vision of 2013, we at Japan NPO Center made a commitment to always be mindful of the following values in our organizational activities. We are determined to uphold these values as our organization’s core values beyond the initially intended five-year period.

  • Always be on the side of the excluded and oppressed, and express solidarity with them
  • Respect the views of the directly affected
  • Look into root causes and tackle larger structural issues of society
  • Give the highest priority to the lived realities of those on the ground
  • Respect diversity and minority opinions
  • Be transparent and accountable
  • Create a platform for open dialogue

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JNPOC Mid-Term Vision 2018-2022: Table of Contents


I: Reaffirming Our Foundational Vision and Mission

  1. What Japan NPO Center Started with 20 Years Ago

II: What World Today as We See It

  1. NPOs Create Values
  2. What Kinds of Values Are NPOs Creating?
  3. Contemporary Issues

III: Our Initiatives

  1. Placing Value Creation at the Heart of NPO Activities
  2. Adherence to Our Core Values
  3. Our Initiatives for the Next 5 Years
  4. Making the Most of Our Members’ Participation