8. Making the Most of Our Members’ Participation Other Topics

Posted on August 01, 2018

III: Our Initiatives

8. Making the Most of Our Members’ Participation

At Japan NPO Center, we will present a path to engaging with the social problems and policies in which our members are interested, considering these issues as targets for organization’s projects, and including them in our programming. To enable this process, we will strive to strengthen our individual membership system so that every individual can participate in Japan NPO Center’s activities regardless of professional status or position.

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JNPOC Mid-Term Vision 2018-2022: Table of Contents


I: Reaffirming Our Foundational Vision and Mission

  1. What Japan NPO Center Started with 20 Years Ago

II: What World Today as We See It

  1. NPOs Create Values
  2. What Kinds of Values Are NPOs Creating?
  3. Contemporary Issues

III: Our Initiatives

  1. Placing Value Creation at the Heart of NPO Activities
  2. Adherence to Our Core Values
  3. Our Initiatives for the Next 5 Years
  4. Making the Most of Our Members’ Participation