7. Our Initiatives for the Next Five Years Other Topics

Posted on August 01, 2018

III: Our Initiatives

7. Our Initiatives for the Next Five Years

At Japan NPO Center, we implement our programs and activities based on our organization’s status as a national infrastructure organization for the nonprofit sector. Our mission is to strengthen the social infrastructure of NPOs and to establish new partnerships with businesses and the government as collaborators with a shared responsibility for developing civil society. During the next five years, we will take on the following goals and tasks:

We will strengthen our system to increase and to develop actors for NPOs.

  • We will communicate how NPOs create values and how significant this process is. We will create a system that greatly increases the number of people who engage in value creation.
  • We will identify and nurture those who can effectively support NPOs, starting with various NPO support organizations nationwide.
  • We will build the capacity of NPOs that can nurture people who are perceptive of societal needs, who can anticipate what is to come, and who take part in bringing about social change.

We will strengthen our collaborative ties with various partners.

  • In response to the heightened interest in SDGs among businesses, we will strengthen our ties and collaborative working relationships with them. Emphasizing the SDGs’ tenet of “leaving no one behind,” we will bring the nonprofit community’s perspectives and strengths to the forefront and share our values with the businesses.
  • In response to the growing trend of using business methods to create social change, we will seek ways to connect and collaborate with those who are engaged in such efforts.
  • It is necessary to strengthen the collaborative ties between local community organizations and civic activities, and we will work on concrete measures to strengthen these relationships.
  • We will work on building collaborative working relationships with nonprofit organizations and cooperatives other than NPOs. These organizations have social status and influence and can work with us on creating values.
  • We will engage in more information and opinion exchange and deepen our collaboration with civil society within and outside of Japan. We will promote opportunities for raising awareness of and learning about shared challenges and problems in this globalized world.

We will learn from the efforts made in regions affected by disasters such as the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, and carry out programming based on our learning.

  • We will revisit the diversity of efforts put forth in areas affected by disasters such as the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. We will share the lessons learned, and come up with an outlook on how these lessons can be applied to help the Japanese civic sector grow.
  • We will draw up a plan for how we can continue to support organizations that were created in direct response to disasters. We will act to implement the plan.

We will expand our research and policy work, and address issues in the public systems and structures that influence the entire NPO sector.

  • We will take the lead in research and advocacy work that comes from the grassroots efforts of citizens and takes a drastic approach to changing the social structures that breed contemporary social problems. We will encourage these endeavors in different areas.
  • We will convey to the public the significance and value of NPOs undertaking such research and advocacy work. We will work towards expanding these efforts, including increased funding.
  • We will carefully observe national legislation and local ordinances or practices that can affect the nonprofit sector as a whole. We will express our opinions to the public in collaboration with NPO support centers and others nationwide.

We will work on developing symbolic practices and projects where NPOs are offering insights into social problems and/or solving them.

  • In order to make sure that more people can better understand concrete examples of how NPOs develop insights into social problems and contribute to solving them, we will support progressive initiatives and collaborative relationships, and put our efforts into the development of leading practices and projects.
  • For example, in the context of frequent natural disasters, we will treat disaster prevention and disaster risk reduction efforts as a gateway to the cross-sectional initiatives that take us beyond local social problems, and explore the roles NPOs play in such cross-sectional efforts in different regional contexts.

We will strengthen our partnerships with NPO support organizations nationwide, and support active local initiatives.

  • We will further clarify Japan NPO Center’s dual position vis-à-vis NPO support organizations nationwide as both a lead runner and a pacesetter.
  • We will support active local initiatives by local people tackling local problems, and serve to assist local NPO support organizations so that these organizations can thrive as local intermediaries.

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JNPOC Mid-Term Vision 2018-2022: Table of Contents


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