Donation trends in Japan①: Index (Giving Japan 2015 ) Reports

Posted on June 07, 2016
by Giving Japan

The current donation and volunteer trends in Japan: Annual Survey Report by Giving Japan 2015

Giving Japan, published by Japan Fundraising Association, is a comprehensive annual report that sheds light on donation and volunteer trends in Japan. This is a partial English translation of Giving Japan 2015 (Kifuhakusho 2015). 

Note: In analyzing characteristics of each category, we have decided to divide the category of organization and activity roughly into two types, and roughly to analyze tendency this time since otherwise under the classification at the time of survey as it would only describe categories that have many donors. They are “Category 1” that includes NPOs and various civic activities such as international cooperation/exchange, and emergency disaster relief, and “Category 2” that includes neighborhood council & association activities and religious activities.