Donation trends in Japan ④: Donor Attributes (Giving Japan 2015) Reports

Posted on June 07, 2016
by Giving Japan

47.1% of female, 40.3% of male make a donation. More than half of people aged 60 and over make a donation.

In terms of the attributes of individual’s donation, by gender, female make more donations than male, and by age group, the ratio of donors goes up as the age of donors goes up both with male and female. More female make a donation than male at all ages except in their 20’s (Fig. 1-8 and Fig. 1-9).GivingJapan2015.fig.1-8Fig.1-8 Rate of donors by gender

GivingJapan2015.fig.1-9Fig.1-9 Rate of donors by gender and age group

In terms of the ratio of donors in their 30’s to 50s by the number of children who live with the donors, the ratio of donors who live “with a child” is higher. There is an over 10% difference with female in their 30’s and 40’s in particular (Table 1-5).GivingJapan2015.table.1-5Table1-5 Rate of donors by gender, age group and presence of child living-together

The ratio of donors is higher with female than male, however, when it comes to the amount of a donation, both the average and median are higher with male than female.

The average donation amount goes up as the age of donors goes up from their 20’s to 50’s, and the highest is donors in their 50’s. On the other hand, when the median is compared, the amount goes up as the age goes up, and donors aged 70 and above is the highest (Table 1-6).

GivingJapan2015.table.1-6Table 1-6 The average expenditures of donation and membership fees

In terms of household income, those with annual income of less than ¥1 million marks over 10% lower than the whole group, and those with annual income of ¥14 million or more marks over 10% higher than the whole group (Fig. 1-10).
GivingJapan2015.fig.1-10Fig.1-10 Rate of donors by household income